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In a distant dystopian future, the world has been plunged through chaos and the remaining population of humanity now live isolated from each other in self contained high rise towers, divided by class and status. The lower class live repressed and suffer from disease and famine, confined to the lower-ground floors, while the upper-class live comfortably sheltered in the higher floors of the tower, isolated from the dirt, darkness and suffering that has consumed the world on the ground. In an unforeseen turn of events, the dwellers of the lower floors come across and item of power, giving them the strength and motivation to incite a riot and attempt to climb the highrise in an effort to rebel against the ruling class. You are an Enforcer bot deployed by the ruling class, tasked with the job of fighting your way to the bottom of the tower to investigate and discover this item of power and quelling the rebellion, bringing peace and justice by any means necessary. You encounter many obstacles and enemies along the way, and you must adapt and survive to prevail the journey to the ground.


Rebellion.zip 474 MB

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